Our Philosophy

The Kura Story

KuraDesign was started out of what I felt was a bit lackluster standard mall department store designs . . .

After living overseas for nearly four years, I was used to being able to pick up items that were stylish, unique and crafted with quality for an affordable price.

My desire was further intensified once I returned to the US and began working the “normal” day to day 9-5 life sitting in my cubicle sketching out pictures and dreaming of a more artistic and exciting existence.

Returning overseas for the holidays last year, my mission become clear- to start my own business capitalizing on a love for color, style, and being unique. Thus, KuraDesign was born. KuraKura means turtle as I found myself sitting in my cubicle dreaming of times I had swum with the turtles in Bali, Belilze and the Florida Keys. I sincerely hope when you wear a KuraDesign handbag that you too can be transported into your own personal paradise.

Margo Schlossberg

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